E-Waste Management

Vasoo Metals’s recycling process is a balance between disassembly, mechanical separation of complex materials and metallurgical treatment, resulting in a minimization of the labor intensive manual disassembly.

First Stage - Manual segregation of components, where different parts of E-waste are separated.

Second Stage - The mechanical separation process is applied. In this process, ferrous, aluminum, plastic and non ferrous material are initially separated.

Third Stage - The plastics are then recycled by Vasoo Metals Group’s innovative plastics recycling process which further processes the plastic.

Fourth Stage - The non-ferrous metals are sent to Vasoo Metals’s metallurgical treatment plant where the non-ferrous metals are separated into constituent metals. This allows Vasoo Metals Recycling to achieve higher efficiency and exceed recycling and recovery rates across the different WEEE categories. This is an indigenously developed process by Vasoo Metals, a pioneer in transforming non-recyclable plastic to carbon black.

Research & Development

Vasoo Metals Recycling has a research and development wing which is continuously working on enhancing the recycling process. Batch sampling is done on a continuous basis allowing us to analyze the substances and materials from the product streams, which have environmental impact in downstream processes. This also helps the R&D team to make the process more efficient.

Material Recovery

Material recovery guarantees the destruction of sensitive information or hardware through the size reduction, separation and refinement of individual materials.

Mantra of 3R

 Reduce | Re-Use | Recycle

Pollution Control Solution

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Global Reality

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